About Us

roberttrunkfield“Septonic® ” is not a new product; it has sold, more than 100 million treatments, successfully throughout Canada, the United States, Africa and Europe for 65 years. Septonic® has been manufactured, by AHT Field & Company Ltd. in British Columbia, Canada since 1947. Our founder, Robert Trunkfield’s purpose was to provide the population of Vancouver a solution to the then growing cities sanitary problems. Through his leadership in the 1950’s and 60’s the company grew to establish a distributor network that spanned North America. During the 1970’s and 80’s, AHT Field and Co gained national accounts such as Canadian Tire.

In the 1990’s, under our current third generation family management we have grown to worldwide distributorships covering most of North America, Europe and Africa. We now have distributors based in Hungary, Greece, and Ghana.

In 2011, were pleased to announce Thrifty Supply Inc of Sacramento, CA. becoming our exclusive Western US distributor.

Craig Partridge
General Manager
AHT Field & Company Ltd

Environmental friendly in cleaning creeks, streams, lakes, rivers, and ocean water.