• Septonic

    The ultimate in Septic System Solutions.

    What is it?

    Septonic ® is a revolutionary product from Canada which dissolves scum and sludge that has formed within a septic tank. Due to its ability to stimulate beneficial bacterial activity…

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  • Why use Septonic?

    The ultimate in Septic System Solutions.

    Why use it?

    The main ingredient is enzymes taken from the digestive tract of beef and hogs. One enzyme splits fat, one starch, and one protein.

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May 2013, Thank you visiting our newly re-designed website. The shopping cart has been updated and is now ready to take your orders. Please kindly let us know if you find any errors on the site as we will correct this as soon as possible.

April 2013, USA distribution re-stocked ready for shipping, please ignore the on-line store out-of-stock notice, we are working on fixing this issue now.


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